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  1. These caribou helped keep an eye on us as we mapped the Alaskan tundra's "active layer" - the top part of the ground that thaws in the summer and refreezes every winter.
  2. In the background is Alaska's Brooks Mountain Range. The foreground is the tundra where we worked.
  3. Welcome to our home away from home!
  4. Here is the Toolik Field Station, which is run by the University of Alaska. Up to 130 people can work here at a time.
  5. Out working on the tundra. The vertical poles help us keep track of where we are in the study area.
  6. This fox has found a patch of rocks to blend in with!
  7. Here's a fox with attitude!
  8. This is a miniature data logger - it collects temperature information.
  9. We use the information recorded on these data loggers to determine how many days have a mean temperature above freezing during the warm season.
  10. We were treated to lovely sunsets!
  11. High fashion, tundra style!
  12. Atmospheric science lab.
  13. Hard at work in the lab!
  14. Part of the time we used small fixed-wing airplanes to get around. The rest of the time we used helicopters.
  15. Getting off the plane with some of our equipment
  16. Here's my cozy comfy tent!
  17. Here's the field station at dusk. The time is 1 a.m. - talk about long days!
  18. This is the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. We did a lot of our work along the pipeline corridor.
  19. Here's a grizzly bear that is also working along the pipeline!
  20. These sheep are not nearly as alarming as a grizzly bear!
  21. Lakes in the tundra
  22. A spectacular sunset!

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