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Warm and Toasty

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What is the insulating capacity of various materials? How will this help in the design of insulated underwear for a trip to Antarctica?


  • obtain samples of 16 different types of material obtain 32 test tubes
  • obtain 32 thermometers
  • have water warmed to 40 C

Your task is to see which of the materials given will provide the best insulation to those working on the Ice? Your goal isto determine which materials given has the higher insulating capacity. This information must be quantitative. Graphs documenting this must be provided. These should include graphs of showing a comparison of temperature as a function of time, quantity of heat lost as a function of time and quantity of heat lost per square centimeter as a function of time.

Discussions Questions/Extensions ......
Explain how the data presented in the graph shows which is the best insulating material.

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data | hook | main | background & resources | student