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Activity 1: The Effect of Cold on Characteristics Important to Fishes

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It is always fascinating to learn how organisms are adapted to live in the ultimate of extreme environments, enabling them to live on the edge of the conditions that life can tolerate, and to discuss reasons for the similarities and differences between them, ourselves, and the more familiar organisms around us. Antarctic fishes are perfect examples of this extreme specialization. The water in which they live is -2 C, cold enough to kill a human in just a few minutes, but just the right temperature for them. These fishes live in a very stable environment where the temperature fluctuates by less than 1 C. As a result, though these fishes are wonderfully adapted for this extreme environment, they cannot tolerate any change. In fact, if their temperature is raised just a few degrees, these fishes will die.

Teachers: All procedures need to be tested and fine-tuned. If you test these and come up with ideas to perfect them PLEASE send in your ideas or tested activities You will be acknowledged for your help. These can be done as a unit, or you can separate the activities to use at different times of the year to teach the concepts you are working on at the time.

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