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Activity 3 - Fish Anatomy: A Comparison Between Temperate and Antarctic Fishes

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Antarctic Notothenioid fishes survive in amazingly harsh conditions, conditions that would quickly kill almost any temperate zone organism. In addition they are remarkably different from other orders of fishes as a result of their geographic isolation for the last 20 million years. In this activity you will work in groups of 3 or 4 to study a typical temperate marine fish and compare your observations and the class’s pooled data with data supplied to you about a typical Notothenioid fish. Could the differences you observe be adaptations for survival in the extreme conditions of the Antarctic? Some might, some might not... do your best to figure it out!

TEACHERS: This activity has not been tested yet which is why there are no details on the procedure. If you decide to try it out I would love to have your feedback on things which worked and things which did not.

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