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Activity 3 - Fish Anatomy: A Comparison Between Temperate and Antarctic Fishes

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  • the functions of gills in fishes (gas exchange and regulation of salt, ion, and pH balance)
  • the function of red blood cells and hemoglobin (carry oxygen)
  • the effect of temperature on blood viscosity
  • the effect of temperature on dissolved oxygen concentration
  • the functions of heart, spleen, liver, kidney, skin, pancreas
  • ecological niche
  • adaptations of Antarctic fish for living in polar oceans

    Resources and Reference Materials
    Another very interesting activity about the gills of Notothenioid fish explores the effect of X-cell disease which decreases surface area of the gills is available at the following website. Click on the web address to see this site. http://www.icair.iac.org.nz/education/resource/selfstud/fishst/fish.htm

    Atwood Journal Dec 5

    Book: ANTARCTIC FISH BIOLOGY Evolution in a Unique Environment by Joseph Eastman Academic Press Inc 1993. A technical but very thorough presentation of what is presently known about Antarctic fishes. Lots of data and good drawings.

    Videos: "Under the Ice" by Wild South

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