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Ozone and Temperature Data Analysis, South Pole Antarctica

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Why do we study the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is most crucial for the absorption of the harmful UV rays. Without the ozone layer, no life on Earth as we know it could have developed. Pollutants are depleting the ozone layer and create a seasonal ozone hole over the Antarctic. Monitoring the ozone layer consistently is crucial to ozone research. You will have a chance to use real ozone data collected at the South Pole, Antarctica!


  • graph paper
  • Ozone Data

    1. Using the graph paper , choose the X and Y axis to plot the ozone concentration depending on the Altitude.

    2. Plot the ozone concentration for each 2 kilometers of altitude.

    3. Label and title your graph.

    4. Choose the best graph from your group and transfer your plot onto transparency paper.

    5. Overlay the ozone data plots of groups on the overhead for class display.

    6. Compare data of different groups, make contusion and answer the following questions.

    Discussions Questions/Extensions ......
    1. What are the effects of UV light in the stratosphere?

    2. Are there seasonal differences in ozone depletion?

    3. What accounts for the annual differences in ozone depletion?

    4. What role do polar stratospheric clouds (PSC's) play in the ozone depletion?

    5. Why is the Antarctic ozone hole seasonal?

    6. What is the difference between Arctic and Antarctic ozone hole formation?

    7. Does the ozone layer in the world suffer from an overall loss of ozone?

    8. What is considered ‘bad ozone’?

    9. What can you do to preserve the ozone layer?

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