New Activity for TEA Teacher

How is the activity related to polar science? Why is this activity interesting or useful? What application does this activity have?

This can be descriptive or "catchy." If this is "catchy" add a descriptive subtitle

Descriptive title so that users have an idea of what the activity is about

Author Contact
How do colleagues find you?

Overview and Objectives
What will the students do? What are their learning outcomes?

Grade Level/Discipline
Target student level with possible applications to other grade levels.

National Standards
Which NSES/Benchmark does this activity support?

Teacher Preparation for Activity
Pre-activity set-up
What should the facilitator do/get before the activity starts?


Time Frame
How long will the activity take (e.g. 2 one-hour classes; 1 week of 1 and 1/2 hour sessions)?

Teaching Sequence
The following categories can be filled or left blank with respect to how they apply to your activity. In some cases, the entire activity may fit under the "Elaboration" section.

How do you carry out this activity in your classroom? Tricks? Traps?

Engagement and Exploration (Student InquiryActivity)
Appetizer. Introduction of concepts to students; may be hands-on activity in its own right.

Explanation (Discussing)
Palate Cleanser; preparing for the next course. Discussion of what happened in the engagement and exploration section

Elaboration (Polar Applications)
Main course. Application of the explanation to the main investigation

Exchange (Students Draw Conclusions)
Dessert. Students determine what happened in their investigation and why. (Conclusion)

Evaluation (Assessing Student Performance)
How can the teacher assess student outcome?

Explanation with links to original research (historical and current), possible misconceptions

Resources and Reference Materials

Student Reproducible Masters
Why should the student be interested in the activity? Think fun and interesting......



Discussion Questions/Extensions ......

Database for use with activity

More Data
Database for use with activity

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