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Nutrition Expedition
An Investigation of Nutritional Requirements under Extreme Conditions

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From the experiences of Sandi Kolb, “During the austral summer I was working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, 5 Trans Antarctic ski expeditions arrived. Four of these expeditions skied with specially prepared and pre-measured packages of dried food labeled for specific meals and each containing a specific number of calories and weight. This sounds really scientific, doesn’t it? One expedition was not so exact. They were from a European country known for its cheese. They took as they said, “just a bunch of food” and far too much of it--especially cheese because they really, really liked it. Cheese is heavy and bulky. They found this out as they pulled their sledges skiing across Antarctica. To lighten the sledges they started tossing cheese out along the way. I have visions of cheese preserved forever in the ice only to be discovered and analyzed as a relic thousands of years from now!”

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