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Nutrition Expedition
An Investigation of Nutritional Requirements under Extreme Conditions

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  • Read about past expeditions (see resource websites).

  • Find and follow current expeditions through the media and/or internet.

  • Establish contact with past and/or current expedition members for information on foods, mass and weight.

  • Find and read information about scurvy from a historical perspective (see resources).

    At ../../Archive/kolb/kolbletters_jan_19.html you will find that the French expedition of 5 skiers, Group Militaire de Haute Montagne from Chamonix, France, consumed 6,000 kilocalories per person per day of dried food weighing 80 kilograms per person for 55 days.

    Resources and Reference Materials
    Websites of past expeditions:

  • New Zealand (Hillary party): http://www.icetrek.org

  • Swedish: http://www.sydpolen.com (in Swedish)

  • Japanese: http://ohba.online.co.jp/ohba/o-frm.htm

  • Dutch: http://www.tpgantarctica.nl

    Website of current expeditions: http://www.newzeal.com/theme/antarctic/visitors.htm

    BELOW THE CONVERGENCE: VOYAGES TOWARD ANTARCTICA 1699-1839 by Alan Gurney. Refer to the chapters on vitamin C and scurvy.

  • Classroom science or health textbooks.

    We look forward to hearing from you! Please review this activity.

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    data | hook | main | background & resources | student