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Graphing Temperature Data

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  • Knowledge of sun angles as related to seasons and temperature
  • Understanding of shadows and their impact on temperature
  • Knowledge of the characteristics of Antarctic summer, winter, and the weeks of twilight season transition periods as the sun rises for summer and sets for winter

    Resources and Reference Materials

  • ANTARCTICA, NSF/CTW 96-33, 1996, phone: 1-800-228-4630, 25 copies for $5.00 includes postage and handling
  • GLACIER website for weather (../../weather/weather.html)
  • NOAA website (http://www.noaa.gov)
  • NSF website (http://www.nsf.gov)
  • Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station website (http://www.spole.gov). Click on weather.
  • Local news station websites

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    data | hook | main | background & resources | student