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The Most Famous Ship in the World

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For TEA teachers' work on modern boats designed to work in and around the polar ice pack refer to the TEA Journals of Besse Dawson,Kim Giesting and Sandi Kolb. Besse worked on the Laurence Gould researching phytoplankton. See especially her journal entries for January 25, 1998. Kim worked on researches in now submerged glacial deposits in the Ross Sea on the R/V IB Nathaniel B. Palmer (Research Vessel Icebreaker). These journals can be accessed at ../../tea_meetteachers.html. Sandi was on board the sea trials of the UCSGIB Healy in 2000.

Also refer to the the Department of Transportation pages on their icebreakers at http://www.dot.gov/dotinfo/uscg/datasheet/icepols.htm.

As of this writing a research vessel under project SHEBA had been frozen in the Arctic Ocean sea ice emulating Fram's mission under Nansen. http://sheba.apl.washington.edu/.

Resources and Reference Materials
More on Nansen and Fram can be found at http://www.ocean98.org/nans.htm and http://www.nrsc.no/nansen/fritjof_nansen.html.

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