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It Came from Outer Space!
The AA Meteorite Connection

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Martians on Earth??? Yes! Possibly- in Mars derived meteorites found in Antarctica in the form of fossil bacteria (maybe).



Discussions Questions/Extensions ......
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1. From our outside activity, where is the one place you would go if you had to choose to collect meteorites?

2. Did you choose Antarctica? Why or why not? (write a short paragraph on your decision.)

3. Imagine that you collected a meteorite that fell in the woods in your home state, and another that fell on the ice in Antarctica. A quick look ,using years of your prior experience with meteorite Identification, tells you that these meteorites were blasted off the surface of Mars perhaps millions of years ago and have since landed on earth. One of the things you would want to find out by examining those meteorites would be if there is or was life on Mars, if there's organic material (carbon compounds) or fossils. Which meteorite, the one from your home state or the one from Antarctica, would give you the best and most reliable data? Why?

4. Suppose you wanted to find out the mineral composition of Mars rocks? Which of the two samples above would give you the best data? Why?

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