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The Sheer Beauty of the Place

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Resources and Reference Materials
Videos Videos may be obtained through commercial sources or through your educational facility. Consult with your local PBS station for resources as well as with cable stations such as Discovery, The History Channel, The Learning Channel and others. Some titles which you will find useful are:

  • Emperors of Antarctica- Discovery Channel
  • Live from Antarctica - Nasa Core
  • The Last Place on Earth - seven videos based on the work by Roland Huntsford, dramatic reproduction of the Scott- Amundsen race to the South Pole (filmed in Northern Canada) BFS Video

    *As always, check with your school district on their policies concerning the legality and appropriateness of video in the classroom.

    Books Endurance The Worst Journey in the World- Apsley Cherry-Garrard

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    data | hook | main | background & resources | student