What's in a Name?
Latin and Greek Word Roots

ROOT	                        MEANING                  	ROOT    	                MEANING

a, an (GK)	               	not, without	                makros (GK)	                large
abyss (GK)	                deep, bottomless	        mar	                	sea
ad (L)	                        to. attached to	                marsupium (L)	                pouch
aequus (L)	                equal	                	meare (L)	                to glide 
aeros (GK)	                air	                	megas (GK)	                large
alveolus(L)	                small pit	                melas(GK)                       black, dark 
ammon (L)	                ram (horn)	                meristos (GK)	                divided
amnos (GK)	                lamb	                	mesos (GK)	                middle
amoibe (GK)	                change	                	meta (GK)	                after, following
amphi (GK)	                both, about, around	        meter(GK)	                a measurement
ana (L)	                	away, onward	                mikros, micro (GK)	        small
andro (GK)	                male	                	moll (L)	                soft
anggeion, anglo(GK)     	vessel, container	        monos (GK)	                single
anthos (GK)	                flower	                	morphe (GK)	                form
anti (GK)	                against, away, opposite	        mors, mort(L)	                death
aqua(L)	                	water	                	mucus(L)	                mucus, slime
archaios, archeo (GK)	        ancient, primitive	        multus (L)	                many
arthron (GK)	                joint, jointed	                mutare (L)	                to change
artios (GK)	                even	                        mys (GK)	                muscle
aster (GK)	                star	                	
	                		                	nema (GK)	                thread
bath (GK)	                deep, high	                neos (GK)	                new
benth	                	depth of sea	                nerit (GK)	                sea mussel
bi, bis (L)	                two, twice	                nimb (L)	                new
binarius (L)	                pair	                	noct (L)	                night
bios (GK)	                life	                	nodus (L)	                knot, knob
brachio (GK)	                arm                             non (L)	                	not
bursa(L)	                purse, bag	
                                                                oceano (L)	                sea
	                		                	oikos, eco (GK)	                household
	                		                	oisein, eso (GK)	        to carry
capillus (L)	                hair	                	oligos (GK)	                few, little
cam (L)	                	flesh	                	omnis (L)	                all
carno (L)	                flesh	                	organ (L)	                tool
chephla (GK)	                head	                	ornis (GK)	                bird
cervix (L)	                neck	                	orthos (GK)	                straight
cetus (L)	                whale	                	osculum (L)	                small mouth
chaite, chaet (GK)	        vristle	                	ostrakon (GK)	                shell
cheir (GK)	                hand	                	oura, ura (GK)	                tall
chele (GK)	                claw	                	ous, oto (GK)	                ear
chorda (L)	                cord	                	ovum (L)	                egg
chorion (GK)	                skin	                		                	
chroma, chrom (GK)	        time	                	paleo (GK)	                ancient
cide (L)	                kill	                	pan (GK)	                all
circa (L)	                about	                	para (GK)	                beside
clinc (L)	                bend, slope	                pausere (L)	                to rest
con (L)	                	with	                	pendere (L)	                to hang
coron (L)	                crown	                	per (L)	                	through
cum, col, com, con (L)	        with, together	                peri (GK)	                around
cuticula (L)	                thin skin	                periodos(GK)                    a cycle
cycl (L)	                wheel, circle	                pes, pedis (L)	                foot
	                		                	petra (L)	                rock
daktylos (GK)	                finger	                	phagein (GK)	                to eat
de (L)	                	away, from	                phainein (GK)	                to show
decidere (L)	                to fall down	                pherein, phor (GK)	        to carry
dens (L)	                tooth	                	phylon (GK)	                related group
derma (GK)	                skin	                	pinax (G)	                tablet
deterere (L)	                loose material	                pinna (L)	                feather
dia, di (GK)	                through, apart	                platys (GK)	                flat
diploos (GGK)	                twofold, double	                pleuron (GK)	                side
dis, di (GK)	                twice, two	                polys, poly (GK)	        many
dis, di (L)	                apart, away	                poros (GK)	                channel
dium (L)	                daily, daytime	                post (L)	                after
dormire(L)	                to sleep	                pous, pod (GK)	                foot
drom (GK)	                running, racing	                prae, pre (L)	                before
du (L)	                	two, double	                primus (L)                      first
ducere(L)	                to lead	                	pro (GK and L)	                before, for
dynamo (GK)	                power	                	protos (GK)	                first
	                		                	pseudes (GK)	                se
ella (GK)	                small	                	psyche (GK)	                mind
endon, en,endo (GK)	        within	                	pteron (GK)	                wing
eo (GK)	                	early	                	punctus (L)	                a point
epi (GK)	                upon, above	                pyr (GK)	                ire
erythros (GK)	                red	                		                	
eu (GK)	                	well, true, good	        radius(L)	                ray
evolutus (L)	                rolled out	                re(L)	                	again
ex, e (L)	                out	                	reflectere (L)	                to turn back
exo (GK)	                out, outside	                rota (L)	                wheel
extra (L)	                outside	                	rumpere (L)	                to break
ferre (L)	                to bear	                	sapros (GK)	                rotten
fibrilla (L)	                small fiber	                sarx (GK)	                flesh
follis (L)	                bag	                	scire (L)	                to know
fossilis (L)	                dug up	                	scribere, script (L)	        to write
	                		                	scop (GK)	                see
gaea (GK)	                earth	                	sedere, ses (L)	                to sit
genesis (L)	                origin, birth	                semi (L)	                half
genos, gen, geny (GK)	        race	                	skopein, scop (GK)	        to look
gestare (L)	                to bear	                	soma (GK)	                body
globus (L)	                sphere	                	spirare (L)	                to breathe
gloss (GK)	                tongue	                	stasis (GK)	                standing, staying
gnathos (GK)	                jaw	                	sternon (GK)	                chest
graphos (GK)	                written	                	stice (L)	                stop
gravis (L)	                heavy	                	strato (L)	                layer, covering
gymnos (GK)	                naked, bare	                sub (L)	                	under
	                		                	super (L)	                over
haima, emia (GK)	        blood	                	syn (GK)	                together
halo (GK)	                salt	                		                	
haploos (GK)	                simple	                	taxis, taxo (GK)	        to arrange
haurire (L)	                to drink	                tela (GK)	                far
helio (L)	                sun	                	telos (GK)	                end
helix (L)	                spiral	                	terra (L)	                land, Earth
hemi (GK)	                half	                	thele (GK)	                cover a surface
heteros (GK)	                other	                	therme (GK)	                heat
hierarches (GK)	                rank	                	trachia (GK)	                windpipe
holos (GK)	                whole	                	trans (L)	                across
homos (GK)	                same, alike	                trematodes (GK)	                having holes
hydor, hydro (GK)	        water	                	trope (GK)	                turn
hyper (GK)	                over, above	                trophe (GK)	                nourishment
hyphe (GK)	                web	                	turbo (L)	                whirl, disturbed
hypo (GK)	                under, below	                typos (GK)	                model
ichthys (GK)	                fish	                	umbr (L)	                shade
in (L)	                	not, into, on	                uni (L)	                	one
instinctus (L)	                impulse	                	urs (L)	                	bear
insula (L)	                island	                		                	
inter (L)	                between	                	vac (L)	                	empty
intra (L)	                within, inside	                venter (L)	                belly
isos (GK)	                equal	                	ventus (L)	                a wind
ite (GK)	                object, organism	        vergere (L)	                to slant, incline
	                		                	villus (L)	                shaggy hair
ject (L)	                throw, hurl	                virus (L)	                poisonous liquid
jugare (L)	                join together	                vorare (L)	                to devour
	                		                	vort (L)	                rotating, whirling
kata, cata (GK)	                breakdown                       
kephale, ceph (GK)	        head	                	xeros(GK)	                dry	                	
keras (GK)	                horn	                	
kinein (GK)	                to move	                	zephyr (GK)	                westwind
kotyl, cotyl (GK)	        cup	                	zoon, zo (GK)	                animal
kreas (GK)	                flesh	                	zon (GK)	                belt, zone
kystis, cyst (GK)	        bladder, sac			zygotos (GK)	                joined together	
kytos, cyt (GK)	                hollow, cell				
lab(L)	                	work				
lapi (L)	                stone				
lazul	                	blue				
leukos (GK)	                white				
libra (L)	                balance				               
lob (GK)	                segment, section				               
logos, logy (GK)	        study, work				
luminescere (L)	                to grow light				
luteus (L)	                orange-yellow				
lyein, lysis (GK)	        to split, loosen				
lympha (L)	                water