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15 August, 2001

Long Hauls

We have had numerous successes along with our problems. This morning we completed our 15th dredge. We continue to move quickly from one point to the next. Sometimes doing a dredge takes several hours, and sometimes they take much more time. Dredge #15 is a good example of a long dredge.

This morning we were about to haul in the dredge that was several miles down scraping along the ocean floor when it became caught. It was hung up on a structure and we couldn't dislodge it. The wire attached to the dredge was under tremendous pressure, and ice floes drifted into the water, which presented a huge danger. There was a long period where the dredge's future was in question (imagine fishing and getting caught up on the bottom-- sometimes you can work yourself free, sometimes you lose your lot). Fortunately today we worked ourselves free, but it was a tense hour.

So what can we do to relieve tension around here? Well there are several approaches. I prefer to go to the gym. But running on the treadmill can be hazardous to your health if you're not careful-- hitting ice can throw you off! I like to turn on the TV monitor that shows the view from the bow (front) of the ship. This way I can prepare for the big hits.

Other people prefer to relieve tension by playing jokes. Some of the scientists have a battle with the kitchen crew. Recently the crew will made animals out of food and the scientists kidnapped them and held them for a ransom of 40 brownies.

Then there is Wilson. Wilson is a snowman that has been riding around on the deck for the last few days. Seeing a snowman in August is a strange sight.

Although we are trying to have fun along with way, the science is why we're here. It is very important and exciting to know that the rocks we are collecting have never been seen before! I am enjoying my role as a student, teacher, and scientist while I am here.


Latitude: 83 30 N

Longitude: 4 03 W

Air temp: 30 F

Water temp : 30 F

Wilson the snowman enjoys a ride around the Arctic. It's like a winter wonderland here. <>

Some geologists are crazy about rocks. Here Gad licks a gabbro to enhance its features. This is common practice in the world of geology! <>

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