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29 September, 2001

September 29, 2001

A Disappointing Finale

As the end of our expedition has drawn near, many exciting and interesting things have been happening. However, for the last week, our communication link has been lost and I have been unable to inform you of the events. It was confirmed today that our gateway to the satellite-- the router, is "fried", and will not be fixed before our journey is over.

This news was very disappointing to me as I have been eagerly waiting to share much exciting news. All if the communications that I have sent for the last week including journals and e-mail responses have been returned to me. I will try to resend the journals in a different manner, but I am unable to resend the responses. You may still e-mail me through the website, but I will not be able to read them until I return home next week.

Please keep checking for re-posted journals. Many exciting events have happened that I hope will be of interest to you, and it is my wish that you follow us through to the very end!

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