Annual Report of All TEA Activities
January 15, 2004 - January 15, 2005

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1. Research Interaction

A. Field Experience

Were you in the field this season? (If "no" please leave the boxes blank and move to "B. Continued Collaboration")
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Dates in the Field:

Approximate Number of Student E-mails:

Approximate Number of Teacher E-mails:

Approximate Number of Other E-mails:

Approximate Countries Represented:

Additional Comments About Your Field Season:

Did you maintain a daily (or as often as possible) electronic journal while in the field?
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Is your journal complete?
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B. Continued Collaboration with Research Team Members

Type of Interaction / Outcomes / Dates / Locations / Parcticipants:

Has a member of your research team visited your classroom in the last year?
Yes No Visited in a Previous Year / Not a Responsibility

2. Community / Colleague Outreach

A. Transfer

How are you sharing your research experience with your colleagues, district, community, etc?
(e.g. Presentations, Short Courses, Work Shops, Inservice days, etc.)

B. TEA Collaborative Learning Group

Teachers involved in your collaborative learning group:

Name Active? Total Contact Hours This Year
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Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

Have you submitted your TEA Collaborative Learning Group Annual Report? Submit at: ../../mentor/cgi/login.html
Yes No Completed in a Previous Year / Not a Responsibility

C. Associates Network

Number of Associates in local network:

Events and interactions with Associates:

Type of Interaction / Outcomes / Dates / Locations / Parcticipants:

D. Presentations and Real Audio Sessions

Presentation Date, Title, Number of Attendees, etc.

Have you presented to your local board of education this year?
Yes No Completed in a Previous Year / Not a Responsibility

3. Classroom Transfer

Activities Development

Names of activities developed in the last year with brief description (25 words or less):

Submitted to TEA Website?
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  • Yes No
  • Yes No

    Other Classroom Connections

    4. Other TEA Involvement

    In what other TEA activities have you been involved? (e.g., committees, partnering with new TEAs, booth hosting, proposal development, ECW gear monitoring, etc.):

    Have you submitted all press-related materials concerning your TEA experience to the TEA Archives?
    Yes No Completed in a Previous Year / Not a Responsibility

    Have you submitted 20 digital images to the TEA Archive with electronic captions?
    Yes No Completed in a Previous Year / Not a Responsibility

    Have you submitted 6-8 photos to the TEA Archive?
    Yes No Completed in a Previous Year / Not a Responsibility

    Have you submitted a hard-copy of your journal to the NSFEHR Program Officer?
    Yes No Completed in a Previous Year / Not a Responsibility

    5. Cost Share

    It is important that parcticipants in the TEA program demonstrate to NSF contributions by districts and corporations that support the program goals; this reflects local investment and ownership of the TEA experience. Cost share should be reported only for materials that are necessary for and specific to TEA program use (e.g. video camera for field use, film, long underwear, LCD for presentation of TEA information.) Cost share does not include items loaned for temporary use. Sub/Release Time can be counted only if it was needed explicitly for TEA related activities (e.g. presentations, curriculum development resulting directly from the TEA experience, etc.)

    Release Days for TEA Business / Meetings

      Number of Release Days Covered by School/District for TEA Program/Activities:

      Reasons for Release (e.g., meeting, curriculum development, presentation, etc.):

      Approximate Daily Rate of Substitute and number of substitute days:

    TEA Meetings Covered by School/District/Corporation

      Names of Meetings:


      Approximate Cost of Travel Expenses Covered:

    Permanent Materials and Equipment Purchased by Institution/Corportation/District for the TEA Program

      Type of Equipment:

      Date of Purchase:

      Approximate Cost of Equipment:

    Other Grants

      Type of Grant / Grant Title:

      Specific Purpose of Grant within the Context of TEA:

      Title of Grant Competition:

      Granting Institution/Corportation/District:

      Date of Application:

      Date of Notification:

      Grant Total:

    Other Shared Costs (e.g., personal travel for TEA, Associates meetings, etc.)

    6. Anticipated TEA Involvement (Next Year)

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