30 November, 1998

November 30, 1998


Just a quick note to let you know what is happening.

Today was my last day on the ice (if all goes as planned). It has been an extremely busy day tying up loose ends to get ready to go. I am sure there is more I could do and there is certainly more I would like to do but I am glad to be on my way home.

I don't know if I will write to you before I arrive at home on Dec 4. I have scheduled to leave Antarctica 2 days in advance of my New Zealand departure just in case we have some delays like we did on the way here.

We shall see. It is beautiful weather right now. It looks like a beautiful sunny afternoon but it is now almost 10:30 PM. I leave tomorrow at 5:30 AM....I hope. So I'd better get to bed.

I meant to write a section in this journal on the adaptations of fish. I have had lots of questions on this topic from various students. I know I have mentioned it a few times but I'd like to cover it in more depth. Meanwhile, a question to think about:

What adaptations do you think a fish who lives under the ice in Antarctica should have?

I'll show you some photos in this journal later, but it might not be until I get home.

Until then....

Have a good day and do something good for someone.

Fred Atwood



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