21 July, 1998

Marketing 7/21/98: Their main source is to help the other groups with their e-mailing, phone calls, and faxing important people. Yeneer(the director), was supervising over her group to make sure they were on task and help other groups. Marie(assistant director), helped write and check e-mail for the groups so she can help them get in contact with their equipment and information from their sources. Rochelle(recorder), made phone calls to schools, Mrs. Katz(from U.T.D.), and the Miami Herald so they can learn about the weather station and different types of materials we uses for the weather station. Sheteika(assistant recorder), acquired information on Antarctica about the different climates, how people live there, and how scientists do their research. Desmond(material manager), help hardware by reading instructions to help build the weather station for the project. Marie Cothias says, "Satisfaction guaranteed when it comes to supplying what you need."

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