7 August, 1998


Leadership 7/20/98: Their main job is to help and monitor the groups so they can stay on task. Maurice(the director), helped hardware with the weather station and the different probes to put in the box; Willin(assistant director), checked on groups and performed clerical work. Anthony(recorder), help marketing by checking e-mails in the library; and Sheree(human resources), helped out marketing with e-mailing and faxing people for groups so they can have the right equipment for their assignment. Alexander(student aide) assisted the leaders and the groups. Also, they have given ideas from the head men (Shawn Beightol and Dennis Wilson) of this project. Maurice Allen says, "Good Workers make Good Leaders."

Marketing 7/21/98: Their main source is to help the other groups with their e-mailing, phone calls, and faxing important people. Yeneer(the director), was supervising over her group to make sure they were on task and help other groups. Marie(assistant director), helped write and check e-mail for the groups so she can help them get in contact with their equipment and information from their sources. Rochelle(recorder), made phone calls to schools, Mrs. Katz(from U.T.D.), and the Miami Herald so they can learn about the weather station and different types of materials we uses for the weather station. Sheteika(assistant recorder), acquired information on Antarctica about the different climates, how people live there, and how scientists do their research. Desmond(material manager), help hardware by reading instructions to help build the weather station for the project. Marie Cothias says, "Satisfaction guaranteed when it comes to supplying what you need."

Web Pages 7/22/98: The main goal of this group is to develop Web pages to publish our experience on the Internet. Qiana(director), Lylla(assistant director), Darline(recorder), and addition members are Katrischa, Evan and Knox. They have taken pictures for the web pages from the field trip we have gone on and pictures from the classroom that show how we are accomplishing our goals to finish the weather station. They will also update, edit, and author the web page on Turner, Agriscience, and Antarctica. Here are two members from the group to let you know what they have experience: Qiana McKay says, "Team work determination is the only way we are going to accomplish our goal." Darline Rapheal says, "Computers are the next step for greater opportunities."

Web Cameras 7/23/98: Their main source is to obtain software and hardware to broadcast video conferences. Carlton(the director),Corey(ass. director),Jean(the recorder).They are taking pictures to do video conferencing with other programs on the computer and other Dade county public schools . Also, they set up the computer to run tests to make sure the video conferencing will run perfect. They also worked with the web pages and communication to get through with other programs and schools. This students will like to

say something ,"You see me and I see you . Computer technology is our future".

Communication 7/27/98: Their main goal is to look for satellite links so we can obtain data from Antarctica. Lylla (director), Carl (asst. director), Javier (recorder) and other members, Javarus and Early. They established a high speed net service to the course. Lylla E-mailed John L. Sokol and she also wrote a press release. Javier emailed Pat Smith, who is a member of the National Foundation. They answered the questions that David Michealson sent to Mr. Beightol, in May. One brilliant student has something to say: Javier Allen "When it comes to Communicating with the outside world, we are the ones you should call".

Hardware Engineering 7/28/98: Their main purpose is to research and build sensors to be placed in the weather station. Sandra (director), Karine (recorder), and other members Roody, and Joseph. They're building a sensor box which fits eight sensors and a data logger inside. The hardware group started working on the designs of the box for the probes. They're also deciding which probes will be going inside the box. Sandra Joseph said, " If you go with what you like to do the best then it will be just right."

Software Engineering 7/29/98: Their main objective is to write a computer programming language. Marlon (director), and members Monique, and Alexey. The computer language will enable to collect the information that has been brought from the sensors to the data logger into the computer. They investigate Visual Basics and C++ programs. Marlon says," Being a software engineer you learn not only to be a hard worker but a team player."

Materials 7/30/98: Their mission is to research the right materials to use for the weather station. Christopher (director), James ( asst. director), and Shaketa (recorder) and another member Brandon. They helped hardware build the box for the sensors to be placed. Also, they designed the box and called the people fro NOAA for the dimensions that the box should have. One encouraged student had something to say, James Jordan said, " Team work determines either you sink or swim. We want to swim to the shore and accomplish goals for our lives."

Web Cameras 7/31/98: That day they finally finished processing and testing the cameras. A job well done! Their motto is if you can do it, make it your best.

Web Pages 8/3/98: That day they were updating on Anarctica's web page. Also took pictures to put on the web page. Their motto is, " We believe in you if you belive in us."

Designing Engineering 8/4/98: Their main goal is to paint the perfect picture to show the audience about the pupose of the weather station and the flow of communication. Their motto is "The picture is the mind of the artist."

A day for the researchers to learn about remote sensing at the USDA's Tropical Research Center. Here, the remote sensors are detecting temperature in and around tropical fruit in a freezer.

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