14 August, 1998

Friday, August 14th, 98

Launching of the Ozonesonde cont.:

After more data evaluations some more thoughts to yesterdays launching:

All went well and Mark did a great job "walking" me through the steps. I was nervous but I was also glad that I could practice everything before my time at the South Pole. Interesting was for me that one could observe the ozone profile so well on the computer monitor while the balloon was gaining on altitude. Around 35 km altitude, the balloon usually bursts. The "fall" of the balloon can indirectly be observed on the monitor as well since the ozonesonde continues to work until it reaches the ground.

Remember, if you see a white/orange box, you can mail it back to the institute and receive a reward!

The photo below shows me walking the balloon with ozonesonde to the launching site. For more launching photos check my "slide show"

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