7 August, 1998

Friday, August 7th, 1998

Processing and Evaluating the Boulder Ozonesonde Data:

The ozone profile taken during yesterdays flight looked as expected for Boulder, CO. In the troposphere, the temperature decreases with increasing altitude. In the stratosphere, the temperature typically increases with height. The tropopause is the region of the atmosphere which separates the troposphere and stratosphere : the temperature increase ceases and the temperature increases with altitude. The ozone concentration stays low in the troposphere and increases sharply in the stratosphere but decreases again in the upper stratosphere. This is a typical ozone profile for Boulder.

In the graph below, you can observe the ozone and temperature profile of yesterdays ozonesonde flight. Again: in the tropopause, the transition between troposphere and stratosphere, the temperature stops decreasing and starts increasing. The ozone concentration is recorded in millipascals.

This type of ozone/temperature profile looks different in the Antarctic. Go to the next entry of August 8th to find out.

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