1 November, 1996

Subject: Re: Journal 1 November 1996

Live from the Polar Duke in the Straits of Magellan

Location: 52.36S X 69.47W Wind Speed: 16.9 m/sec

Boat Speed: 13.1 knots Wind Direction: 350.4 degrees

Boat Heading: 256 degrees Barometer: 992.5 mb

Humidity: 60.8 % Air Temp.: 9.2 C !!!!!!!

General Weather Conditions: Beautiful Spring Day!!!!!!! It's actually warm and sunny.

We picked up our pilot at 1000 to take us through the Straits of Magellan. The water has changed from the storm tossed steel blue to a deep, almost Caribbean, green. We have seen floating rafts of kelp, held together by knots, a sure sign of the coastal zone. The Magellan dophins, a species common only to these waters, have welcomed our ship from a distance. We will be in Punta Arenas by dinner time!

This is my last journal entry. Thank you for all of your questions, comments and wishes for a safe journey. Your e-mail was an incredible help, it kept me sane and happy under what could have been difficult circumstances. This has been a very exciting time for me and I was especially happy to share this wonderful experience with all of you.

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Margaret Brumsted

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Margaret Brumsted

NSF Teacher in Antarctica

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