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6 December, 2002

The Search Team that went in to the field yesterday is scheduled to spend all of today on a long snowmobile traverse to their first field camp. They are aiming for Goodwin Nunataks (84 30' S, 161 28' E). A nunatak is a mountain sticking up above the ice of a glacier.

When the Search team gets camp set up and communication established they should start sending reports directly from the field. Meanwhile -- back at McMurdo -- Diane, Cady, Dean and Carl are preparing for their chance to get into the field early next week. Carl will fly out to join the Search Team and John, the experienced guide, will leave that team and fly to the South Pole. The rest of the Recon Team will meet John at the Pole and head out on their own adventure, finding new areas for future meteorite searches.

The four of us still at McMurdo have spent these days completing final packing and checking out communications and weather. Diane has been testing an experimental wind generator that will be taken to the field next week. We have also had time for a bit of sightseeing, photography, and a full-body salute to ANSMET the Antarctic Search for Meteorites.

Here's Diane and her way-cool flag on a nice day. It looks like the trial run of her experiment went well. There was much rejoicing. (Photo by Cady Coleman).

Here is cool dude Carl, showing us a glimpse of his stylin' self outside the lab. The Recon team is secretly plotting to keep Carl on their team this season.(photo by Cady Coleman).

Here is Dean Paparazzi Eppler, thrilled to try out the NASA 4x5 camera on cool dude Carl. (photo by Cady Paparazzi Coleman).

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