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26 November, 2001

The alarm buzzed at 3 am to start my first Alaska adventure. The seven hour flight gave me stunning, breathtaking views of the white Alaskan mountains. It was amazing to look down on such an endless view of wilderness. The Anchorage airport was buzzing, in a small way, with people bundled in layers awaiting their destinations. I met up with Dr. Glen Liston, a researcher from Colorado State University, and we flew to Fairbanks. The airplane ride gave more amazing views of the mountains. We were awarded with the amazing view of Mt. McKinnely - the highest mountain in the United States. It is mind boggling to think of the mountian climbing expeditions to the top of the mountain. We arrived safely in Fairbanks and the Alaskan winter welcomed me. We were greeted by Dr. Matthew Sturm. It was a long and rewarding first day in Alaska. Tomorrow- Shopping for warm winter clothes!

Dr. Matthew Sturm


P.O. Box 35170

Ft. Wainwright, Alaska 99703-0170

907-353-5183/FAX: 907-353-5142


physical address: USA-CRREL_Alaska, Bldg. 4070, Ft. Wainwright, AK 99703

The first look of Alaska from the blue sky.

A once giant polar bear greets me in the Anchorage airport!

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