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18 March, 2002

Duct-tape, scissors, foam, boxes, bags, crates and action packers lay scattered across the basement floor. Today was a very intensive and important day of packing and shipping supplies and equipment. Our SnowSTAR 2002 expedition actually starts in Nome. However, the organization for the expedition takes place in Fairbanks. That means all of the scientific equipment starts out in Fairbanks. So, how does all of the equipment arrive in Nome??? There are no roads connecting Fairbanks to Nome so all of the food, clothes, tents, and scientific equipment must be flown to Nome. This is accomplished by air cargo flights. These flights only fly cargo - no passengers.

Some of the scientific gear is very expensive and fragile. So, much time must be spent in lining boxes and crates with foam. After much lifting and heaving, all of the gear was organized and ready to be sent on it's way to Nome for the start of the expedition.


Food weight 600 pounds.

My warm clothes 100 pounds.

Remember all of this has to be towed behind 6 snow machines. We still have gas to buy and pull behind the snow machines. The SnowStar 2002 heated sled was also flown to Nome. Now - the 5 scientists and one crazy, science teacher must arrive in Nome!

The truck is packed and ready to be sent to the plane!

Both trucks are completely full of gear and supplies! Total weight =2313 pounds!

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