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20 April, 2002

We have been traveling for 6 days since leaving the Ivotuk Cabin, and have 4 days left to get to Barrow. Today we are going to figure out whether we will have enough breakfast food for the rest of the trip?

For breakfast we have been eating 0.5 lbs of bacon, and 1 1/3 cups of oatmeal, per person per day. So, for the six of us we need 3 lbs of bacon (0.5 * 6 = 3), and 8 cups of oatmeal (1 1/3 * 6 = 8), per day for breakfast. In addition to this we eat a stick of butter, brown sugar, dried fruit (apricots, raisins, and prunes), and drink hot cocoa, tea, and coffee (and any leftover cheesecake from the previous night).

We left the Ivotuk Cabin with 25 lbs of bacon, and 6 gallons of oatmeal.


1) How many cups of oatmeal are in the 6 gallons?

2) Is this enough bacon to get to Barrow?

3) If not, how many days do we not get bacon for breakfast?

4) Is this enough oatmeal to get to Barrow?

5) If not, how many days do we not get any oatmeal for



LATITUDE:70.17322 North

LONGITUDE: 156.64514 West

The wind was with us once again today. It blew at 1020 miles per hour gusts. We worked despite the wind. The wind still cuts through the layers of clothes. We are in the coastal plains, the downward stretch to Barrow. Measurements were taken in tundra and lake pairs. Traveling across this barren landscape becomes tough at times. There are rivers and creeks with steep banks to cross. The snowmachines with the heavy sleds get stuck and at times rolled over due to the steep banks. Caribou were spotted today in the distance. These are the first animals that have been seen since the Ivotuk Cabin. The snow is not as deep here. This is one of the reasons the caribou roam in this region. The vegetation is now able to stick out of the snow. I feel that the caribou are analogous to humans. The first civilization, Atqasuk since Ambler, lies 40 miles away. Life has returned to the Arctic.

Tonight camp is on another river. We are hidden amongst the snowdrifts. Tomorrow we will arrive in Atqasuk. We have been out away from humans or any signs of human civilization for two weeks.

Temperature max: -15 degrees Celsius Temperature min: -26 degrees Celsius with winds 20 mph

Eating oatmeal in the tent!

Snow covers the icy rivers.

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