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5 April, 2002

What is the importance of mixing the X-games with the Wizard of Oz?????? Why use the Light Attenuation Probe????

The light attenuation probe measures the amount of light that is penetrating into the snowpack. The amount of light that travels into the snowpack decreases as the depth increases. Just try to envision how much light can travel down a small hole into the snow; that is what the light attenuation probe is measuring.

The type of snow affects the amount of light that can penetrate. The bigger the snow grains, more light is able to penetrate. The smaller the snow grains, less light is able to penetrate. In our measurements 66% of the light has been able to penetrate

through to a depth of 20 cm. In Antarctica, ice grains can be so large that light can penetrate to depths of 2 meters!!!! Wow!

More light facts later!

SO WHERE IS MRS. CHEUVRONT????? LET'S PLOT!!! Latitude: 66.70197 degrees North

Longitude: 160.01095 degrees West

We stay hunkered down in the Selawik shelter cabin this evening. It's the first time we have stayed two nights in the same place since departing Council. A feeling of home has set in on the cabin. The day was a long, hard, cold, day for testing and this brings the cause for staying at the cabin. Class 1 chemical samples were taken today. This procedure requires 4 hours of work in Tyvek suits, respirators, and latex gloves. However after a long day of work, there is celebration in the air! We celebrated Glen's 42nd birthday with steaks, cheesecake and ice cream!!! Such a treat after a long day! Tomorrow we move on.....

Temperature max: -6 degrees Celsius Temperature min: -18 degrees Celsius

Back amongst the Spruce trees in the forest!

Setting up the Light attenuation test!

Glen enjoying his birthday cheesecake on his 42nd birthday!

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