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6 April, 2002

Light is energy. It is composed of photons that are traveling through space. It is composed of energy traveling at different wavelengths. The wavelength of light defines the color and intensity of the light. The wavelengths of light is measured in units of nanometers.

Certain wavelengths of light are scattered as they pass through the snow. The larger snow grains do not let the shorter wavelengths of light pass through. The different wavelengths that pass through the snow are dependent upon the snow grain size and the snow depth.

The computer program plots the wavelengths of energy against the magnitude of light. The magnitude of light refers to the intensity of light. It is measured in watts/m^2.

The amount of energy decreases with depth. The rate of decrease

increases with smaller grain sizes.

Wow!!! All of this occurs just because light penetrates into the snow.

Tomorrow...What role does light play in the Arctic ecosystem???

SO WHERE IS MRS. CHEUVRONT??? LET'S PLOT!!! Latitude:66.93664 degrees North

Longitude: 158.00091 degrees west

Last night brought Arctic magic from the heavens. I was awakend from my slumber by others, to witness the Aurora borealis. I quickly moved my sleeping bag out on the snow and let my eyes witness the majestic show of the Northern lights. The green curtain of light danced and waved against the backdrop of the stars. The whole terrain of spruce trees and snow was illuminated by the show. It was an Arctic blessing....Today I feel as if the lights only existed as a dream in last night's tiresome slumber.

The day was spent as a busy, detailed, day of measurements. Three complete sites were finished. We performed our first, full, forest site since we departed Camp Haven. It felt good to be amongst the tall, darkened, spruce trees. A place of silence and serenity. We had left the lowlands of the Selawik Wildlife Refuge where the area was surrounded by tundra and lakes. We have entered back into the forest area. The majestic Brooks Mountain Range lies ahead of us, lurking us, urging us forward. The mountains appear ominous and distant. Soon we will cross the through those large, white capped mountains. The team awaits with excitement and anticipation for entrance into the Brooks Range. Tomorrow, we plan to arrive in the native village of Ambler.

Temperature min: -18 degrees Celsius Temperature max: -1 degrees Celsius

The graph showing the light attenuation results. The y-axis shows the light intensity. The x-axis shows the wavelength of light.

This marker is an aerial snow depth marker. The snow depth marker is read from an airplane. This marker is placed in a very remote region where few people ever travel. It is placed miles away from any village.

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