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10 August, 2001

I am sitting in a cushy computer chair with wheels and my mind is immersed with all of the information that it has processed this week. I have formed an amazing new network of teachers this week. They are people that will be experiencing similar trips to the Arctic and Antarctic. Not only have we formed a professional group but we are also now everlasting friends.

Together we have worked to form plans for how we will share our experiences with the school and community. Our goal is to make the polar experience an avenue to excite children about science. My mind and heart is racing with anticipation of all of the projects that will develop. This will not only be my experience to the Arctic but it is for all of Burke County and the state of North Carolina.

We received an interesting talk this morning from the engineer that is designing the new South Pole Station in Antarctica. There is approximately 200 people stationed there in the summer and only 50 people in the winter. The current design is a geodesic structure. The new design will be elevated. How cool is it that construction is taking place at the southern tip of the world!!! Science is amazing!

Assignment: What is the record low for Antarctica?

1) The Arctic Teachers for the 2002-2003 year. From left to right: Shannon Graham, Elizabeth Carvellas, Ron Hochstrasser, Dallas Trople, Kim Hanisch, and April Cheuvront (me). In front is Arctic Program Coordinator, Debra Meese.

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