4 April, 1999

4 April 1999

Follow-up to the Summer 1998 Deering Archeological Excavation

Easter in the Arctic--Dinner with Anne Jensen, Glenn Sheehan and Bernie Zak

Tim's Journal:

Easter Sunday and Daylight Savings time. (As if they need it up here) Another warm morning, about -10 degrees F. It is everybody's day off so there is not much activity this morning. I'm just catching up on paperwork and at 11 AM or so Aaron and I are going to go over to the college to have brunch and to see if anyone else is there.

For Easter dinner Aaron and I have a wonderful meal at Anne Jensen and Glenn Sheehan's. Another guest is Bernie Zak of ARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measuring). Bernie's current project is overseeing an Australian team monitoring the Arctic atmosphere with Aerosondes. The Aerosondes are remotely controlled aircraft and Bernie is kind enough to invite us to a launch in the morning. As with the last evening at Glenn and Anne's, anecdote followed anecdote until late in the evening.

Aaron's Addendum:

Today was quite a peaceful Easter Sunday. Not much activity in Barrow. Tim and I got a chance to catch our breath following the whirlwind of the last few days. As Tim said, dinner with Anne and Glenn was a treat, listening in as they, along with Bernie Zak, exchanged story after story.

Anne and Glenn's neighborhood, the former Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL).

Cold morning.

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