7 April, 1999

7 April 1999

Follow-up to the Summer 1998 Deering Archeological Excavation

Interview on KRBW "Top of the World Radio"--Presentations at Barrow High School--Public Talk on Last Summer's Archaeological Dig in Deering, AK and the TEA Program--Catching up on Journals--Cleaning and Packing Gear--Goodbyes and Thankyous--Words of Advice to Barrow Visitors

Tim's Journal:

We are up at the crack of dawn to travel to the local radio station KRBW "Top of the World Radio" to be interviewed by Earl Finkler on his morning radio show. Earl asked us about Deering and our talk that we will be giving at the North Slope Borough Assembly Room. He was also interested in the classroom connections that I have made with Tim Buckley.

For the balance of the morning Aaron and I (mostly Aaron this time) made presentations to about 30 more of Barrow's High School students.

In the afternoon we had some more conversation with Robert Suydam, a Wildlife Biologist with the Department of Wildlife Management. The rest of the afternoon was spent with journal writing and with getting ready for tonight's talk.

The evenings talk went well with about 20 people in attendance. There seemed to be a lot of interest because there were a lot of questions. There were even some questions regarding TEA from interested teachers. After a quick dinner Aaron and I pack and work on cleaning up our

area in the ARF (Arctic Research Facility) tomorrow we say our good-byes to Anne and Glenn and everybody else. It's a quick flight to Fairbanks, where we will spend time with Renee Crain. Then it is the redeye to Seattle and home by afternoon.

Aaron's Addendum:

We had more practice this morning with the high school students, and our talk tonight went over very well. The most interesting part of the day was the morning radio interview. We kept meeting people later today and they all complemented us on our voices, especially Tim. I found talking on the radio to be very nervous. Many times, even though the interview was rather short, my mind blanked and I couldn't think of anything to say at all.

I would like to thank the many people of Barrow who've made our stay so enjoyable once again, especially Anne Jensen and Glenn Sheehan, who've been instrumental in making our trips to Alaska, both now and last summer, possible. Without them I would have missed out on the best experience of my life.

Tonight is the last in Barrow certainly for a while. I have no idea if or when I'll return. A few parting words of advice to the Barrow visitor. It's cold here. Take what you think cold would be and reduce it by at least thirty degrees.

It's dry here. Chapstick is a must, and without it I would have lost at least one lip.

There is a lot of static electricity. Every time I have touched something metal, I've been shocked. Hard. Last night I touched the bedpost by accident and lit up the entire room. I almost burnt my finger off.

The people are very, very nice. Feel free to offer and lend a hand.

KBRW Radio Station.

Aaron setting up at the North Star Borough Assembly room.

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