2 July, 1998

07/02/98 Before departing for Alaska

State exams, interviewing new Science Teachers, review classes, grading final projects, Science Department budgets, schedules and inventories, daughter's softball games and dance recitals, emergency vegetable gardening and firewood cutting......I really haven't had adequate time to think about or plan for my arctic experience. I've done mounds of readings on my project and on Alaska in general, but I still feel I have a lot more to do. There have been calls to Renee Crain at ARCUS (Arctic Research Consortium of the United States) and to the Deering Archeological site's principal investigator Dr. Glenn Sheehan. I've talked to Aaron Stupple's mother (he is the student who is going with us) and have told her that I will look out for her son. I still have a lot of questions about life in Deering, like is there really only one phone and shower for the whole community? The chance to help excavate an ancient arctic whaling site is so compelling that I'm not even factoring in the potential privations.

Desperate review for 9th grade Earth science state exam. Who looks desperate?

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