24 July, 1998

07/24/98 Farewell Deering

*** Packing and saying goodbye - salmon for lunch - Deering to Buckland to Kotzebue to Fairbanks - reunited with Renee ***

Aaron and I spent most of the morning with good-byes and packing. At 10:00 A.M. we went down to the excavations where we made Susie Barr, Stephanie Barr, Bonita Barr, Alvin Iyatunguk, and Robert Iyatunguk pose for a picture. I gave everybody T-shirts from back home and Bob's wife presented Deering T-shirts to Aaron and me. We walked the length of the village saying goodbye to everybody we knew. For lunch Calvin Moto, our cook, prepared salmon steaks from the fish that Aaron and Alvin had caught the night before. At 2:15 the Bering air agent came to take us to the airport. We also picked up Calvin who was to travel with us to Kotzebue. Calvin had just been paid and was looking for the excitement of a bigger town. At the Airport Rick Reanier (our leader) was just getting off the plane we were about to get on. It was really good to get a chance to say goodbye to him.

In Fairbanks we were met by our faithful friend and protector Renee Crain (ARCUS). Renee took us out to dinner and we regaled her with endless Deering stories.


Saying goodbye was a lot more difficult than I had expected in the beginning. I am truly going to miss all the people I have met in Western Alaska. I wish them all the best of luck in the future and hopefully I will get a chance to return someday. With their help I received a wonderful tour of Alaska, not to mention a great experience with archeology. Thank you all very much.

Bob, Alvin, Stephanie, Bonita, and Susie digging away!

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