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12 January, 2002


Every Saturday, everyone at Palmer Station does clean-up chores from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. We all are our own janitors. The list of assignments is posted after lunch. Every week a person has a different assignment. Some jobs just require one person, and other jobs require a team of four to six people.

Today I cleaned up the bathroom in the building where I am living. The women's bathroom has two showers, two toilet stalls, and two sinks. There are eleven women sharing this bathroom now.

At the moment there are 37 people here at Palmer Station. If everyone is working on chores during the House Mouse time, how much time in "person hours" is spent each Saturday on cleaning up Palmer Station?

Bob Farrell mops the kitchen/dining room floors during "House Mouse". Bob is the Station Manager for Palmer Station. He is responsible for overall coordination of operations here at the station.

Carmen Lemon wipes down the cabinets during House Mouse. Carmen is a logistics specialist, so she plans where supplies will be stored. She coordinates cargo when it comes and goes between Palmer Station and the ship.

These two washers and dryers are used by the 22 people living in the GWR Garage-Warehouse-Recreation) building. Behind Carmen Lemon you can see one of the rooms that contains computers for general use.

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