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2 January, 2002

Leaving Punta Arenas The ship left Punta Arenas today at 1330, according to the 24 hour clock. What time is that in the time system we use? There were three ships at the dock. One was a very large cruise liner, a second one was a Chilean military ship, and the third was the Laurence M. Gould

Here are three ships at the dock. Our ship is the one with the yellow = top section (superstructure).

This monument is in the center square of Punta Arenas, Chile. It has three large bronze figures on it.The legends say that if you rub or kiss the toe of one figure, you will have smooth sailing weather. It also means you'll return to Punta Arenas.

These photos by Amy Chiuchiolo give you a better idea of the size of LMGould, which is 95 meters long. We thought it was a large ship until we saw it tied up across from the cruise ship!

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