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30 January, 2002

ORION CARLISLE, SCIENCE TECHNICIAN Orion Carlisle is the science technician here at Palmer Station. It is his responsibility to watch and record data from many different instruments. He is collecting data for scientists who are not here at Palmer Station. Some of his instruments measure earthquakes around the world. Scientists use measurements from all over the globe to pinpoint the exact location of an earthquake's epicenter.

Orion also records Global Positioning Satellite information from bases in this area. He records data from air filters. He measures conditions in the upper atmosphere. After he takes these measurements, Orion sends the information out every day by computer and by telephone to scientific agencies.

Orion also gives us our daily weather report for the Antarctic region. The weather satellite takes pictures and broadcasts weather images as it passes overhead. However, if Orion weren't here to process the pictures from the satellite as it is overhead, we wouldn't have Antarctic weather data.

Orion has been here at Palmer Station since April 10, 2001. He will leave on February 27th , 2002 to return to the United States. So, here's the math: how many days has Orion already been here? How many days until he leaves? What percentage of his total time in Antarctica (number of days he will have been here by February 27th) has he already served? What percentage of the total time does he have left?

Orion's office has many computer monitors and other technology for his work.

Orion's office is in building T-5. It is at the back of Palmer Station, close to the glacier and to the various antennas.

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