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31 January, 2002


Palmer Station provides some recreational facilities and equipment for people who are living here. If the weather is good, people can go on a short trip after work. They can use snowshoes or skis on the glacier. They can take a Zodiac out on the water to look at the scenery and wildlife.

Many people here are good photographers. Some people like to develop and print their own photographs. Orion Carlisle is one of those people. Orion is the science technician here at Palmer Station. (see the journal of January 30 for more information about Orion's job)

Here's the math: Orion is mixing up a photo developing solution. He starts with 250 ml of concentrated solution at 66 degrees Fahrenheit. He needs to dilute this amount by adding twice that volume in tap water. However, he needs to have the total (750 ml) solution be at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. At what temperature does the water need to be when he adds it to the concentrated solution, so that he'll have his final liquid at the correct temperature?

Orion in the darkroom. The photo enlarger is to his left.

The faucet has a thermometer on it, so it isn't hard to use water at the temperature Orion needs it to be.

Orion is pouring the concentrated solution into a container. Now he'll have to add the water, and then he can start developing photos!

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