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5 January, 2002


Jay Bouzigard, First Officer, has the watch from 4-8 twice a day. When I visited him on the bridge, he was calculating the ship's position. We were near Cabo San Diego, and I asked him how long it would be until we were parallel to Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn). He said we were 81 nautical miles away from that point, and the ship was travelling 10 nautical miles per hour. It was 7 pm when I asked him that question. At what time would we be parallel to Cabo de Hornos? (Don't send me the answer, because I figured it out. Check your answer with someone else.)

Jay Bouzigard, First Officer.

Jay is measuring the distance from our current location to the next position on the chart.

Jay is calculating our position. He then compared his calculations to the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) position, and he was right on target!

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