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7 December, 2001

The POPs team at sea

In September and October, most of the POPs team members were at sea in the Southern Ocean. They worked in the waters between South America and Antarctica. They were taking air, water, and ice samples in order to look for evidence of persistent organic pollutants (POPs). For more information about POPs, visit the Polar Science Station website ,

POP Goes Antarctica at http://literacynet.org/polar/pop/html/project.html

2. Rebecca and Amy are collecting water from the CTD rosette. The gray bottles, Niskin bottles, can collect water samples at different depths.

Rebecca is getting a sample for analysis by coring into the ice.

The ice core sample is cut into smaller pieces. Later, the sample will be melted so that it can be poured through filters. For an introduction to these team members, visit the Polar Science Station website and see "The Team" http://literacynet.org/polar/pop/html/team.html

1. Rebecca and Amy are holding an air filter in the set-up they used to take air samples while on the ship.

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