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24 February, 2002


Laura Hamilton is a painter in the FEMC department. She is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Laura has spent one summer season working at McMurdo Station. This is her first season working at Palmer Station.

Besides being a painter, Laura is a member of the Glacier Search and Rescue (GSAR) team, the Ocean Search and Rescue (OSAR) team, and the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) fire response team. When Laura has time off, she likes to take photographs. You've seen many of her photos in other journals on this website.

Laura paints a lot of things at Palmer Station. She has painted warning signs for the glacier. She painted the wall of a bedroom when there had been a repair. She painted a wall in the pantry when the shelves had to be repaired

Laura has painted many of the milvans at Palmer Station. First she has had to sand and scrape the old paint and rust off the milvan. Then each milvan had two coats of epoxy paint primer and two coats of blue enamel paint. (The National Science Foundation chose the color. It matches the color of the buildings.)

When Laura paints a milvan, she uses a roller brush and a smaller brush. She does not use spray paint. Why not? Think about the weather here and about the rules governing human presence in the Antarctic. Counting time to set up and clean up, Laura can paint 4 to 5 sides of a milvan a day. (The tops of the milvans are not being painted this year.) At that rate, how many milvans can Laura plan to paint in 7 workdays?

A milvan measures 8 feet by 8 feet by 20 feet. What is the square footage that Laura paints for each milvan? This isn't about paint-what is the capacity of each milvan?

When the weather is bad, Laura paints indoors.

This shade of blue is the color of paint that Laura is using outside on the milvans.

Laura is painting one of the milvans.

Laura Hamilton paints a warning sign that will be used up on the glacier.

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