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7 August, 2000

Getting Started

Greetings from (approximately) 43 degrees 37 minutes North, 72 degrees 18 minutes West!

There are sixteen teachers here from many places in the United States. Sometime in 2001-2002, we each will be going to work on a scientific expedition in a polar region. Half of us will be going to the Arctic, and half of us will be going to the Antarctic. We have come together now to learn about this upcoming experience!

We will all be going to different places. We don't yet know exactly what we will be studying while we are at our field sites. So, we are learning about science and life in general at both polar regions.

We've learned how someone travels to the Arctic and the Antarctic. We've seen the kind of clothing scientists wear while they are outside doing research. We are also learning about safety issues.

There is a lot to learn about life in extreme environments!

Ready to Go!

Polar explorers!

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