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20 March, 2000

Most of the cargo preparations and lab pack up is done. There is still some work with samples that will be done in transit to Punto Arenos. It is finally a day for relaxation. We are treated to a Zodiac ride to surrounding islands to see ice caves and seals and adele penguins. We are also treated to cormorants.

Palmer Station is located on the Southwest side of Anvers Island and was built at this site in 1968. It replaced the old Palmer Station

of wooden huts which were removed from Antarctica. It is named for an American sealing captain, Nathaniel B. Palmer who, in 1820, was

one of the first to spot Antarctica. It is composed of 2 main buildings, an aquarium, a lab, storage buildings, a boathouse and workshops. It was used as an LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) site where the environment is observed with as little human impact as possible.

The Adelie Penguins are abundant here in the summer. They are black and whit with a withe eye ring. Breeding occurs in the summer in large colonies. They eat krill which is usually obtained on shallow dives. However, they can make deep dives (150 m) if necessary. In the winter Adelies stay at sea resting on icebergs and pack ice in groups. They are among the favorite foods of Leopard Seals

An ice cave near Palmer Station

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