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8 March, 2000

Today we arrived at Palmer Station, Antarctica at approximately 1220. After lunch we had a brief orientation to the station. One research team will be staying at the station, the rest of us will be doing our research aboard the Gould of the coast. While equipment and

materials were being off-loaded for Palmer Station, we climbed the glacier behind the station. The view was awesome with icebergs in

the water in front of us and majestic mountains rising behind the glacier. The weather was delightful at about 15 degrees Celsius.

Near the station there were lots of friendly penguins and seals. We did have to take care not to invade their territory but many of them seemed unconcerned as we approached. Sometimes we were almost stepping on an animal before we realized it.

This evening we had a sleet storm with winds at about 40 knots. Having a glacier so close by may have enhanced the storm. The winds travelling down the glacier are called catabatic winds. We took refuge on the ship or the few buildings in Palmer Station.

The science labs and living quarters at Palmer Station, Antarctica.

A friendly penguin at Palmer Station

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