21 January, 1998

Gould-en Greetings!

Today has been a busy one unloading all the equipment. It was a monumental task for my PI (Primary Investigator -- my research professor - boss) to anticipate and pack all the necessary items for the cruise. Imagine packing all you needed for 5-6 weeks of labs and no other stock room to go to if you break something!!! I have trouble remembering the bottle opener for a picnic!

One of my jobs was labelling and stocking the shelves and cabinets so we can find the equipment once we put it away. Every job is important here. Careful labeling can save a lot of time and frustration later when the supplies are needed.

Each reseacher is carefully setting up her/his equipment in the area designated. Many people must share the same room, but most have their own counter space. Room has been left for the people we pick up at Palmer Station.

Tonight will be our first night to sleep on the boat. It will take a while to get used to the boat sounds, but I'm also certain that exhaustion will solve that problem!!!

The local people in Punta Arenas are quite friendly. I noticed one boat unloading a boat full of sea urchins (quick, what is that Phylum?). Of course they fish also, but this parcticlar boat just had the urchins.

More tomorrow ,

Mrs. D

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