22 May, 2000

Greetings from Greenland!

What an exciting day! Breakfast was an adventure in this foreign country. Breakfast meats looked different, many of the cheeses were of unique flavors (cream cheese with mushrooms ), but the breads were fresh and fantastic. After such a meal, I then had to fit into some of the cold weather gear. An adjustment here and there did the trick and now . I am all set for the icesheet, where I will head tomorrow.

I took off down the road to see if I could find some wildlife. Peering over the hill, a fuzzy head with curiously curled horns became apparent - a musk ox! He was a big beast, all shaggy with last winterís undercoat dusting his shoulders. We eyed one another for a bit and he stood up. Was he going to charge? He allowed me a few pictures before he started wiping his head back and forth on the grass, the first sign of agitation. I did not wait for any others, but moved away and continued my journey.

Up on the smooth, glacier-scoured cliffs, an arctic fox dashed about the rocks. The tiny yips that echoed down the wall indicated that a cub den was somewhere nearby. I did not see the pups but the mother was mostly white with brown patchers on her legs and belly.

As if that werenít enough, around the next bend a young caribou was snoozing in the low bushy grasses. Unfortunately, my picture taking disturbed her and she lumbered to her feet and moved off slowly. When I returned to the area a few minutes later, she was no place to be seen.

Tomorrow we head to Summit, Greenland.! Ice, snow, and more ice and snow + and sleeping in a tent..

Warm regards,

Besse Dawson

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