28 May, 2000

Greetings from Summit:

Today was more of a laid-back day. The VECO support crew were supposed to take the day off, but a sewer problem at their lodging seems to have stolen some of that time. Since the cook doesn't cook on Sundays, I fixed chicken and dumplings for everyone. Found out first hand the effects of high altitude (we are at 10,600 ft above

sea level). Because the air is not as dense, the pressure is much less. Because the pressure is much less, the water boils at a lower temperature. Cooking at a lower temperature requires that food be cooked much longer. Dumplings that take about 15 - 20 minutes to

cook in Houston took over an hour to cook here. It's a good thing I started early.

We've had a 'heat wave' today in camp. The temperature has been a balmy -15 C with almost no wind. It's a big difference from


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Besse Dawson

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