10 June, 2000

The clicks and whirs on the Ionic Chromatograph (IC) hesitated and stopped. Restarting the program would get it through one test and then it would halt. It proved to be the start of a frustrating day trying to keep the temperamental instrument limping through its runs. And of all days, today was Dr. Dibb's turn to do the 'house mouse' duties. Knowing that I couldn't fix the IC, I volunteered to help out in the house for him today so he could problem solve with the IC program. As of 8:30 pm, it is still unresolved.

The tent given to Cathi Koehler last night was actually a Scott tent (center pole with radiating stabilizing poles like an umbrella for fast set up and takedown). Its drawback is that it is very dark and therefore it is hard for a person to see once inside. So we set up a smaller dome tent. We placed 2 layers of rigid foam underneath to prevent heat loss to the ice. It was quite warm and cozy by the time we finished.

Warm regards,

Besse Dawson

VECO support staff, Leslie and Kathy, attaching the new satellite disc to the roof tower on the Big House. > <>

View of the outside storage buildings and the runway. > <>

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