4 July, 1997


Since it was the 4th of July, Lance Fujieki (computer support and tour guide) took a couple of us for a snorkling adventure at Hanauma Bay Marine Refuge Park. The fishes were incredibly beautiful--Black durgeons, parrotfish sergeant majors, and butterfly fish all fighting for their spot on the reef. We also saw a foot-long Tridemt's trumpet, a Gastropoda. (What is the correct phylum for this animal?) Some of the snorkelers saw an octopus. Is this animal related in any way to the Tident's trumpet?

I took a few pictures of the island Oahu's other beautiful locations. Click on my picture file to see them.

Tonight I'll go to see a fireworks display like most of the people in the USA. Small fireworks are allowed to be set off in the city, but I'll go to a big public display. That is much safer!

Tomorrow will be back to work on learning the science methods that I'll be using in Antarctica.


Besse Dawson

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