6 July, 1997


Dr. Karl arranged for me to visit him this summer at the same time that one of the Hawai'ian research cruises was to take place. The same type of science procedures will be on this cruise as the long one in Antarctica (which will take place in January and February). We will leave tomorrow early in the morning so all the equipment can be loaded without loss of valuable research time.

Water samples are often collected in plastic bottles during testing times. Today I learned the procedure for properly cleaning and storing these bottles. Each bottle and cap must be rinsed 3 times with tap water, thoroughly rinsed 3 times with 10% HCl, and then rinsed 3 more times with distilled water. Obviously it is a very long procedure and over time, a rather costly one. Why do you think it is so involved and carefully done? What would be the purpose of each step?

I must sign off for now to prepare for the 5 day cruise.


Besse Dawson

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